Have you ever noticed….that sometimes we have to be EVERYTHING ….all at once?

Here’s what I mean…..

This week….I’ve been making shoes….and handbags ….and people….and …oh yeah…cakes!!!

I have had to be a sculptor and a painter and a dress designer….and a hairdresser…and a cobbler! A COBBLER?

And just a little bit of a baker on the side.

But that’s what we do isn’t it? We take a little detour into all sorts of professions just to get a lil old cake done! Who said it was ‘only cake’? PAH!!!

So I’ve been getting ready for the first episode of ‘Cake Academy’ on Create and Craft TV this Sunday and I’ve also had to manage preparations for the Cake and Bake Show and Cake International. It’s been a heavy workload…and although I intended to do a proper post for you about the elephant cake and structure – I got derailed for a while. *hangs head in shame*

Bear with me and I will do a proper post on cakes structure (I promise) but in the meantime let me leave you with a simple ‘how to’ on the ruffles in the first episode of ‘Cake Academy’


Catch me on Cake Academy on Sunday at 5pm on Sky 674, Freeview 36, Freesat 813 or Virgin 748.

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