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Christmas and Sprinkles

Christmas Cupcakes

I know, I know…….Christmas is REALLY busy and we are all looking for ways to do something that looks AMAZING ….but we don’t want so much stress that we want to hit the sherry early!

So here’s the deal….Christmas Cupcakes that look WAY more tricky than they are ( I promise) but can all be done with one piping bag and one piping tip!

And all you have to master… one leaf! That’s it…..One leaf! If you can pipe one iddy biddy leaf….you can pipe the lot!

I used the Wilton 352 leaf tip. Of course you can buy it on it’s own….but here’s my advice for those of you who are starting out and are thinking of buying piping nozzles….invest in at least the Delux Tip set if you can. It is not the all singing and all dancing set (that’s the dream set) but it has all of the tips you are likely to need to do most of the piping you’ll ever do.

So here are the full videos with the step by step and you’ll find affiliate links to the equipment I used below.


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