How to Make Easy Fondant Ruffles



Ruffles can look so effective but they really are very easy to do. They are also great for a beginner because they can hide all sorts of imperfections in a base cake and look so professional. Here’s how:

ruffles1You could make ruffles with plain fondant (sugar paste) but it is better to add a little strengthener such as Tylo Powder (also called CMC) or Gum Tragacanth. Gum paste (flower paste ) will also make pretty ruffles.


Roll out your fondant so that it is nice and thin.


Cut out a circle. The larger the circle…the larger the ruffle.


Place your circle on a foam pad and run a ball tool around the edge to thin it out.


Fold the circle loosely in half.


Only hold together at the centre leaving the edges nice and free.


Fold back the edges on either side but still only pinch at the bottom….not on the edges.


Flatten the base with your fingers.


Use some sugar glue to moisten the cake and press your ruffle base onto the cake until it stays.


It helps to start building ruffles from the bottom upwards as they will then support each other as you add them.


Use a tool such as a dresden tool or stick tool to separate the ruffles so that they hide the base and look nice and full.


Not too shabby huh? And not too tricky either.

Wanna see how to do it in video form?? Take a look at this on my YouTube channel: Doll and Ruffles Video

You can play around with your ruffles and have them as loose or as tight as you like. Enjoy 😉


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