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Behind the Scenes at Craftsy – Castle Cake Tutorial – The Warts (And Hives) and All

Rosie Cake-Diva Castle Techniques Class

My Castle Cake Tutorial – I know, I know….it’s only ‘cake’.

But blimey sometimes this can be a stressful business.

I should have learned my lesson. I LOVED filming my first Craftsy class (Now Bluprint) …but filming 6000 miles away from home is not without it’s challenges. And add to that, for my second class I chose a big subject! BIG! Ridiculously big! Towers, Turrets, Kingdoms? What was I thinking?

You know me, I’m a right old Diva, and I like my classes to be as thorough as possible. But that takes a whole lot of planning, a whole lot of preparation and as it turns out, a whole lot of facial hives.

Getting all serious in the Craftsy Studio

Getting all serious in the Craftsy Studio

Yup, it seems I’m allergic to Denver! A couple of days in glorious Colorado and I have developed a physical reaction to the dry climate, the altitude and no doubt the non-arrival of 5 boxes of ready-prepped cakes. Arrrrrrgh!


Cakes are hard enough to transport in your car. I clench muscles I didn’t know I had every time I drive over a speed bump. But imagine trying to send a parcel 6000 miles across the Atlantic KNOWING that it makes no difference that it has ‘FRAGILE’ and ‘THIS WAY UP’ in massive red letters. You just KNOW it’s going to get chucked around like a football.

Now imagine sending 8 of the buggers!

Statistics say that at least one will get delayed, one will get lost and all of them will get knocked about like a pinball!

So arriving in Denver only 3 boxes had arrived! 5 boxes down, a developing skin condition (URRRRGH) and an over-ambitious class schedule…WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

So here is where I am proud of my foresight. I KNEW it would be a tough week so Craftsy kindly flew me out early. I was worried about the boxes I had mailed, so I took as much back-up content as I could in my suitcase, including a tree! (YOU HEARD…. A TREE!) No clothes! Just cake!

Frankly I’m surprised they let me through customs!

Tree house cake Fairy

Yup – Half of this baby came in my suitcase!
Dib Dib Dib – Be prepared!

By the time the final 5 boxes arrived I had managed to compensate for the delay with blood, sweat, tears and a sense of humour …but my skin? Well I was starting to look like the elephant man!

So there you have it. The result – A class that is designed for everyone from beginners to proficients. I throw in so many tips and tricks and attack everything from the basic techniques and textures to easy cake structures.

And thanks to an ANGEL of a Make-up artist we ended up with a Craftsy/Bluprint Class and not a horror film. (It was a close call)!

Find my classes over at Bluprint Castles Class or Figures Class

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