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Drawing and Painting on Fondant

Drawing and Painting on Fondant Icing

Fancy a Quickie?

Let’s face it, we’ve got better things to do at Christmas than spend even MORE time in the kitchen… and sometimes its great to have a quick fix so how about drawing and painting straight onto fondant?

And not only for Christmas. I love the idea of edible sketching to create something unique and personal.

And it is SO easy to do.

All you need is some roll out fondant and an edible marker. I use the Sugarflair markers as they have a slender tip and seem to flow well.

Knead some strengthener (Tylo powder) into your fondant before you roll it out and allow it to harden enough for the marker to write nicely and not sink into the surface. Cutting the outline with a scalpel or knife is much easier when the fondant has dried a little too.

Edible markers art on icing

Sugar Sketches can be made in advance.

And it really can be as simple as that. You can attach your sketches to your cake with sugar glue or even create a 3D effect by standing them up.

For the sketches that I wanted to stand upright I allowed them to harden properly on a foam surface before attaching them with a slither of royal icing on the base.

And I did consider colouring them in too. I played around with them in photoshop to see how they’d look and I think they would have been cool. Even better, what a great way to keep the kids quiet. Give them some edible food colour and a brush and leave them to colour in and customise. Painting works best if you water the colour down with a little IPA (rejuvinating fluid) or lemon extract.

Christmas Tree Santa Cake

Fancy colouring in? Guess what? The kids could even decorate the tree!


Colouring your scenery would complete your cake, but I chose to keep mine simple and top them off with some sugar figures instead. (I do have a Figure Toppers Class on Craftsy if you fancy learning about modelling but remember not to pay full price as you can always get 50% off with my special link here Playful Toppers Class )

Modelling sugar faces

If modelling faces is not for you you could try the face moulds I used.

If you don’t fancy modelling faces yourself I will put the link to the moulds I used for the toppers in this post down below.

Karen Davies Knitted pice mould

I used a knit effect mould for the details.

So if you fancy a ‘Quickie Christmas’ you can always use sugar sketches and moulds rather than doing it the hard way. And for the full-on Quickie, if you haven’t made your cake in time, why not make life easy and buy your fruitcake?

Oh my goodness….SHOCK HORROR! Did I just swear? BUY your fruitcake? Yeah – I DID say that! And why not? it’s not a competition…. so chill with the baking if it’s the decorating you prefer.

BUT in case you want to be bake-ready and be a Domestic Goddess (or God), I have posted my favourite fruit cake recipe for you to download HERE: Fabulous Fruitcake Recipe

Choir Boys Cake

Hark the Herald Angels

So you now can have a Christmas Quickie, or you can go the whole hog. It’s up to you.

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