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Fabulous Fruitcake Recipe Download

THE BEST fruitcake recipe for you to Download

Although OK OK!

I may occasionally suggest that BUYING your fruit cake at Christmas is not a capital offence.

Well it’s true. Not everyone fancies baking their own. NOT A CRIME people!

BUT if you are a fully-fledged baking-hero and want to impress, then I’ve got the most FABULOUS fruit cake recipe for you.

And what’s more, it has the royal seal of approval. (I kid you not!)

Because apparently the recipe that Royal Baker, Fiona Cairns used for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was from a Victorian cookbook – SO good news my friends, it is in the public domain. (I know! RESULT!) And it’s a WINNER!

And I use it religiously as my go-to fruit cake recipe for all occasions. And now you can too.

I do go to town on protecting my cake though. All the usual drills for helping a slow-bake cake rise evenly.

For my Top Ten Essential Tips on how to bake the perfect cake I have laid it all out here: Ten Commandments for Baking the Perfect Cake

Rosie Cake-Diva Best Fruitcake recipe for Christmas

Rosie Cake-Diva go-to fruit cake recipe

And lookie-lookie!

I even got it ready for you to download and try out here: Fruitcake Recipe Download

You’re welcome!

Just let me know how you find it.

And if you want some quick and effective ideas for decorating your cake – check out my post about ‘Quickies’ here: Quickie Christmas Cake Decorating

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