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Figure Modelling – Fondant Clown Topper Tutorial

Fondant Clown Tutorial - Rosie Cake-Diva Figure modelling Cake Toppers


If you are new to modelling have a quick read of my Top-Ten Tips

The most important tip is that consistency is very important, simply because it makes your job SO much easier.

Modeling Paste

In general if your brand of fondant/sugarpaste is good for covering cakes, then it’s probably too soft for modelling figures. 

I like to add a little Tylo Powder to make it stronger. I don’t like giving exact quantities because every brand of fondant is different and your climate will also affect the consistency, but I tend to just sprinkle a little Tylo Powder onto my work surface and knead it into my fondant until it feels a little more elastic.

I also like to model with a modelling chocolate/fondant mix. If you have subscribed to my Craftsy Figure-Toppers Class you’ll know all about the options available to you, but essentially a 1 part modelling chocolate to 4 parts fondant works nicely for me. 

Please don’t worry if you think this clown looks too complicated. The instructions really do take you through each step so it is a good figure to start with. Just give yourself some time as drying your figure before you carry on to the next stage can make a very big difference. Remember…you are working with sugar. It’s a preservative – and your figure will harden and keep very well. So make it way in advance and keep it in a non-airtight container until you need it.

You will need:

Coloured Sugarpaste with Tylo Powder or your preferred Modelling Paste

Ball tool

Pointed Tool (or cocktail stick)

Circle Cutter (about 4cm diameter)

A supporting dowel

Florist’s Wire

Spaghetti (optional)

A ball (I made one out of Rice Krispie Treat and fondant) or anything else for the clown to sit on.

So limber up…AND LET’S DO IT!


*Tip – Why not make your boots and socks a day ahead? They will become firmer so that when you add the trousers they won’t be easily squashed.



*Tip – Make your own sugar-glue by adding water to Tylo-Powder. Just use 1/4 tsp in an egg cup. Cover it with water and in a little while it will turn into a gel. 

If you want to make a standing clown, this is where you would use dowels instead of spaghetti. You can learn more about standing figures in my Craftsy Class






*Tip – For this figure I needed to prepare something for him to sit on. I used a Rice Krispie Treat (RKT) ball covered in fondant but you could use a cupcake or anything else that takes your fancy. It’s your figure…do whatever takes your fancy. xx

*Tip – Make sure that if you use a dowel it is SCRUPULOUSLY clean. I usually wipe them with vodka before inserting. 






Fancy Bits ;

*Tip – To make ruffles you can also use a frill tool or a cocktail stick. Flower Paste (Gum Paste) is always a nicer material to work with when creating ruffles.



*Tip – If you struggle to keep the back of the head from flattening, try cupping in your hand or you can find out how to make your own head-cradle in my Craftsy Class


Face Features


Face Details

*Tip – If you suffer from a shaky hand you might prefer to add the black details using flower paste (gum paste). Roll very very thin and use a scalpel to trip off a pointed end and stick to the face using sugar glue.




We did it! 

Now he just needs a name! (Any suggestions welcome!) and if you have a go yourself….I WANNA SEE! ( I’m nosy!) 😉

Spotty Dotty Polka Dot Surprise Inside Cake by Rosie Cake Diva

Spotty Dotty Cake – Why not go the whole hog!

See my Craftsy Class if you want to take your face and figure modelling a step further. 

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