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Money Money Money – So you wanna make money from Cakes?

How to make money from Cakes

So you wanna make money from Cakes?

I need to start with a caveat…….NO…my ravings don’t come from personal dissatisfaction/anger/irritation. Not at all.

They come from years of watching – listening and learning. Of seeing people succeed ….and seeing more people fail. We learn from our mistakes but we also learn from others, and of course, learning from others can be a whole lot less painful!

I have touched on this subject a few times on Facebook, and each time it has had unprecedented levels of interest and response. But such is the nature of Facebook that posts disappear down the timeline and the message is lost. So here it can stay and your thoughts and perspective can also sit here for others to see.

If you have an opinion or experience you are welcome to comment.

And if you know someone contemplating a career shift….do suggest they read this first… might just reshape their whole approach.

So here’s what I wrote……grab a cuppa….have a read….and tell me what you think!

So you wanna make money out of cakes then? *canned laughter*
Yeah…..get in line Girlfriend….because I see people getting excited about turning their hobby into a business every day. And more power to you…..BUT
(here’s where I might get unpopular….because I am going to put a downer on things.)
I’ll get off that fence and tell it like it is!

Because it’s all very well being all supportive and encouraging – trust me – that’s what people around you will be! But that don’t pay the bills.
What you need is people to actually pay you for your cakes. And therein lies the difficult bit!
Because as much as I see people saying ‘Wow! That’s gorgeous’ and ‘Hey! You’re amazing – you should sell your cakes’, sadly I see MORE people saying this:
“How can I compete when so-and-so is charging next to nothing’ down the road?”
“People don’t want to pay enough for my hard work and time? Don’t they realise that my cakes are made with love and care and instead they are paying peanuts for shit-cakes (technical term!)”

And it’s true! Many people struggle to break even, let alone make a profit. Many people just plain LOSE money!

Sadly IMHO you might have to make a big decision.

Are you an artist or are you in business? Might sound simple, but it isn’t.

Most people love making cakes because it’s creative. They get a kick out of making beautiful edible art. They enjoy it. They are good at it.

But it takes time….and it costs money!

They look at people who are selling ‘shit-cakes’ (see above) and they say “WHY??? Why are people PAYING for that?” Or – “Do people REALLY think that’s a great cake? REALLY?”

And here’s the truth…


To them it is! To the average person who is not involved in cake decorating and competitions – YES! They do like that cake. To them it IS great! It may just have sprinkles and jelly beans tossed on top but they think it’s ACE, and more to the point, it’s affordable.

And of course, your cake may be AMAZING, but it’s also 4 times the price and they just don’t put the same value on cake as you do.

And no, you can’t blame the person down the road who makes cakes for peanuts for undermining your business. It’s just plain old supply and demand.

You can think it’s a shame. You can think it’s unfair. You can think they have no taste. But it’s just reality.

“Hey Rosie??? Why are you saying all of this? You’re supposed to be all rainbows and smileys. Why so negative?”

Because I just don’t want to see people embarking on that route blindly. And I do see it often. I also see them failing, and quite quickly too!

In a nutshell, if you are top of your game and people will pay top dollar for your cake-art – WINNER! You’re in business!

If you are business savvy and tailor your cakes to sell at an affordable price but have to ‘lower’ your artistic creativity – WINNER! You too are in business my friend.

If you are AMAZING but can’t find people to pay what you think your cakes are worth? Well – you have a GREAT hobby. Don’t chuck in the day job and put a downpayment on that shop. Enjoy that hobby. Respect to you!

And respect people who make cakes that you might consider ‘simple’. If someone enjoys it, if someone pays for it, if it makes someone happy – it’s a WINNER.

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