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Sprinkles and Hearts Cake – Getting Back to Basics

Sprinkles and Hearts Cake

If you’re pretty much a super aficionado at cakes….you might want to move along…..because I went back to basics with this cake to answer some of the most common questions that I hear from new starters…… how to cut evenly, how to layer and how to get sharp edges on buttercream and fondant?

The trouble is…once you start seeing those edges…it’s hard to go back to curves. They just look so clean and pretty….and chic. Is it me…..or do they just give a cake that extra je ne sais quoi?

So although I usually make shortish videos on my YouTube Channel….this time I let you stick around for the cutting and layering and everything else stage by stage. It is so straightforward and if you can master these stages…your cake becomes a beautiful canvas and you become a cake superhero! FACT!

Enjoy 🙂


You’ll find affiliate links to some of the tools I used for this cake down below…..and also in my ‘Shop’. xx


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