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Creative Cake Popsicles

How to make Cakesicles Cake Popsicles

Cakesicles are fast becoming a must-have for every dessert table. Easy to make and fun to decorate, these chocolate-coated cake popsicles are the latest way to jazz up your party.

Yes- you need a mould and sticks but they are cheap and easy to come by so well worth buying.

They are also a fantastic way to use cake scraps which you can freeze, so there’s never a reason to waste cake.

Equipment and Ingredients

For 8 cakesicles

Cakesicle mould and sticks

250g candy buttons or chocolate

4 cupcakes or cake offcuts

80g frosting or buttercream

Sprinkles or gold leaf for decorating


Take a look at some of these Creative Cakesicles by my lovely friend (the Cakesicle Queen) ShaziBakes



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