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  • How to make Cakesicles Cake Popsicles
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    Creative Cake Popsicles

    Cakesicles are fast becoming a must-have for every dessert table. Easy to make and fun to decorate, these chocolate-coated cake popsicles are the latest way to jazz up your party. Yes-…

  • Heart shaped stack cake for James Martin by Rosie Dummer Cake Diva
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    Biscuit Stack Cake

    Getting personal with James MartinBiscuit Stack Cake for the 100th Episode On my first visit to James Martin’s Saturday Morning Show on ITV I was tasked with creating a special desert…

  • Cake Talk Uncategorised

    Cakes and Khalsa Aid

    I do tend to bang on about how cake brings people together. I’m pretty sure that I bore people with it all the time, especially in response to that time old…

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    Simple Buttercream

    I get a LOT of questions about buttercream. There is a difference between home-made and shop bought buttercream and it can make an enormous difference to your cake decorating. The stuff…