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Rosie Cake-Diva



So if you haven’t stopped by for a while… might have missed my new Craftsy Class. A whole bunch of cute little sugar figures……that ANYONE can have a go at! (I promise).

I LOVE edible toppers. They can completely transform a generic cake into something far more personal. If you make cakes for a living…LET’S TALK MONEY!!! You’ll know that differentiating your cakes from store-bought offerings is a great way to distinguish your service (and earn you more dosh….right?) And if you make cakes for fun…well SERIOUSLY…what better way to make a celebration cake the centrepiece of the party than by popping a topper of the Birthday Boy or Girl on the top? You know it ….right? It’s true! I preach about it all the time! But if there is an easier way to make someone smile….I can’t think of it!


I will confess…..I knew very little about the Craftsy platform until now…but boy oh boy am I hooked now.

If you are not familiar, Craftsy has online classes on all sorts of craft related topics, taught by experts in structured lessons that you can access from all over the world. I feel HUGELY fortunate to be teaching on such a great platform….because it really allows me to show all the stages in detail and it allows the students to ask me questions. How incredible is it that we can now teach people all over the world….just like that! If I didn’t love technology before….I sure do now!

With my Craftsy Class I could lay everything out clearly and logically and demonstrate everything in real time. A really great way to present a class and I loved it! LOVED IT I TELL YA! I just wish Craftsy had been around when I was trying to learn! (YUP… I did it the hard way….You young ‘uns don’t know how lucky you are!!!) *sulks*


So here are a couple of my babies. If you have ever struggled with figures…TRUST ME…you are not alone….but I teach 3 different levels from beginner to more advanced so that everyone can find their own comfort zone.

If you wanna join my class….don’t forget to use the click through link below to get a stonking discount.